Create Center is a multi-disciplinary collaborative space that provides professional quality materials, tools and equipment, education and inspiration that is accessible to all people in the community regardless of ability or income.

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97% of students in Palm Springs Unified are living at or below the poverty level. With arts programs diminishing in public schools, and inability to afford arts at home, without community access where will kids get art education?

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Create studios are focused on communityenrichment and social engagement. Connectingpeople to passion and purpose creates inspiration.Create Center is a welcoming, supportiveenvironment, a place where creativity is nurtured.

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A Haven for Artists

I worried that… when I came down here I wouldn’t find an art home. And I was blessed to find CREATE Center providing instruction and space and a community of likeminded artists to commune with and create together. 

CREATE Center for the Arts is the bomb .com .net .org .uk

It [CREATE] is a perfect place to come and become seen, heard, breathe in the air of fashion, it’s all here. You can’t get any better than CREATE Center for the Arts.


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Artwork by Henriette Heiny

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