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Create Center for the Arts has been in service to our community since 2016. Our dedicated team has provided creative experiences to more than 100,000 visitors to our facilities over the years. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide such a beautiful welcoming space for people to come together. We believe the world is a better place when people are doing what they love. Create has been a haven of self discovery, empowerment, community… a safe place to learn, grow and express. As we move forward as an organization, one of the major changes is that we will no longer operate a facility. Our team, better than most understand the critical urgency of creative space in the Coachella Valley and will continue to champion and support the cause to create community enrichment through the arts.

In the mean time… Create Center is in the process of rehoming our studio equipment. Each department is available as a fully operational suite of tools for printmaking, woodworking, picture framing, drawing and painting, art materials, and events. If you are interested in any materials or equipment, please contact info@createcentercv.org for more information. 

Thank you to all of our creative community for making this such a special journey. To our patrons, members, volunteers and supporters… THANK YOU! for making it possible to do so much incredible work to provide community enrichment for so many people, in so many ways. Together we have made a difference.ies


A Special Collection

One of the special collections that Create Center is seeking a forever home for are the historic walls of the 139 Club, a 1930’s & 40’s Cathedral City speakeasy club owned by a likeable guy named Earl and visited by dozens of celebrities who came to play in the valley. 

The collection consists of 27 wood panels that were the actual walls of the club, most 4′ x 8′ with the autographs, drawings and even lines of music from the likes of Cole Prorter and Jack Benny. These panels are not only super cool, they are also a unique historic collection! Available as a collection only.

To inquire, please contact Create Center by email: info@createcentercv.org 


A woodworker’s dream… all of the tools you need to bring your wood projects to life. The list includes 2 table saws, 2 lathes, planer, band saw, scroll saw, spindle sander, band sander, and drill press. Some serious heavy equipment that makes for an amazing shop, plus some extra materials to get started with.

For more information please contact: info@createcentercv.org

Picture Framing

Every work of art deserves a great presentation. Create Center is offering our full framing studio complete with chop saw, mitre saw, underpinner, hand tools, mat board storage, mat board and a large assortment of mouldings.  Worktables and other extras are also available.  Perfect for a co-op or collective or someone who is getting started in framing. All the things you need are ready for you to pick up and get started framing today.

For more information please email Create Center: info@createcentercv.org

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CREATE Community

A Haven for Artists

I worried that… when I came down here I wouldn’t find an art home. And I was blessed to find CREATE Center providing instruction and space and a community of likeminded artists to commune with and create together. 

CREATE Center for the Arts is the bomb .com .net .org .uk

It [CREATE] is a perfect place to come and become seen, heard, breathe in the air of fashion, it’s all here. You can’t get any better than CREATE Center for the Arts.


Support us in our mission to create community enrichment through the arts

Artwork by Henriette Heiny

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