Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. - Albert Einstein

Creating community enrichment through the arts


CREATE Center for the Arts is a collaborative, supportive home for creatives to thrive through access to tools, equipment and an engaged community.

Create Center 2.0 is an optimized workspace that provides a unique set of tools and equipment not available anywhere else in the CV. You will still find the things you know and love about Create, like drawing and painting, gardening and printmaking, 3D printing and digital design PLUS woodworking, picture framing, and our art materials store and thrift under one roof.



CREATE’s goal is to engage the imagination and  encourage creative exploration. As creators and makers, we are built to push boundaries, look at problems from multiple perspectives, take risks, and drive positive change. Creativity drives innovation. Innovative by nature, we design activities and programs that help our residents create and innovate.


Resilience is the ability to bounce back resolving not to quit, even when it gets hard. CREATE gives all students, young and old, a chance to explore their talents, provides them a safe environment to take risks, to make mistakes, to persevere, and to achieve and to thrive.


CREATE wants to make the arts accessible to all. We know our thriving community has a diverse mix of people. We believe these differences are an asset. We work hard to bridge the gaps in our community and sponsor programs and workshops that help bring the arts to everyone, not just artists. 


From our buildings to our attitudes, CREATE intentionally creates a place where anyone and everyone can feel accepted and connected no matter who they are or where they come from. We believe in connecting people with different abilities and backgrounds because together we can build stronger communities .


Our programs focus on honoring the traditions of the past while celebrating the present and embracing the future.  There are unlimited opportunities that lie at the intersection of tradition and technology waiting to be explored. CREATE also recognizes that the creative process also transforms individuals through healing and personal empowerment; art changes lives.


We believe artists and creative-types are perfectly positioned to join the new wave of small-scale entrepreneurship and create powerful new opportunities to make a living. Sharpening these business-building skills  through CREATE programs increases our ability to dream, take chances, and create the life we imagine.

CREATE understands the importance of art and creativity in educating, connecting and enriching our community. Art sparks conversation, collaboration, and ignites passion. It extends beyond canvas and can be woven into the collective fabric of our lives. CREATE strives for a diverse and inclusive art community that empowers and inspires.

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