Create Center 2.0 Makerspace

Create Center 2.0 is a community makerspace featuring introductory experiences in woodworking, digital design, drawing & painting, picture framing and an on site art supply store. Create offers public access to tools and equipment and monthly studio memberships.


Mission: To Create Community Enrichment Through the Arts

Vision: Create Center for the Arts envisions a dynamic and inclusive community in the Coachella Valley where creativity knows no bounds. With accessible workspaces, tools, and materials, we are committed to empowering underserved populations and the broader public alike, fostering artistic exploration, cultural enrichment, and social cohesion.

Values: At Create Center for the Arts, our values are rooted in inclusivity, creativity, and community engagement. We believe in the transformative power of the arts to inspire, unite, and empower individuals of all backgrounds. We embrace diversity, nurture artistic expression, and strive to bridge societal divides through the shared language of art.


Programs offered

Introductory Experiences: Introductory programs in various art disciplines are vital for Create Center for the Arts to fulfill its mission of community enrichment. These programs serve as gateways, welcoming individuals into the world of artistic expression, fostering inclusivity, and diversity. By providing accessible opportunities for exploration, Create Center not only nurtures creativity but also instills the educational value of the arts, empowering individuals with knowledge. Through these programs, community members develop new skills, cultural appreciation, and social connections. Supporting introductory programs cultivates a vibrant and engaged community where creativity flourishes, contributing to a resilient and interconnected society.


Vocational training: Vocational training programs are pivotal to Create Center’s mission, providing practical skills and professional pathways in the arts. They empower individuals, enrich the community economically and culturally, fostering both tradition and innovation. Through these programs, Create Center cultivates a skilled workforce and vibrant artistic community.


Public Access: Access to Create Center’s $250K suite of professional tools and equipment is essential for individuals across a spectrum of interests and aspirations. For hobbyists, it offers an opportunity to explore their creative passions with top-tier resources, enhancing their skills and enjoyment. Micro-businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs benefit immensely, gaining access to tools that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, thus facilitating their growth and innovation. Additionally, the availability of these resources encourages skill-sharing within the community, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among individuals of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels. For those who lack access to such equipment elsewhere, Create Center serves as a vital resource, democratizing opportunities for artistic expression and entrepreneurial endeavors, ultimately enriching the cultural and economic landscape of the community.


Targeted Initiatives: Create Center’s tailored programs for other nonprofit organization clients and disadvantaged populations, including children, youth, veterans, and seniors, are instrumental in fulfilling its mission of community enrichment. By catering to the specific needs and interests of these groups, Create Center ensures that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the arts in a meaningful way. For children and youth, these programs offer a creative outlet for self-expression, skill-building, and personal development, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. Veterans and seniors benefit from therapeutic arts programs that promote healing, social connection, and mental well-being. By providing an inspiring and inclusive environment, Create Center creates a supportive space where individuals from all walks of life can thrive, regardless of their circumstances. Through these targeted initiatives, Create Center not only enriches the lives of its participants but also strengthens the fabric of the community, embodying its commitment to accessibility, diversity, and empowerment.



Team Building: Create Center provides a vital space for team-building programs, fostering teamwork, communication, and creativity within organizations. These activities strengthen bonds and promote social connection, contributing to community well-being and unity. By facilitating collaboration in an inspiring environment, Create Center nurtures a sense of belonging and collective growth within the community.


Why does it matter?


Problem Statement: In the Coachella Valley region, access to essential artistic resources and tools is severely limited, posing a significant barrier to the cultural and economic development of our community. The absence of comprehensive makerspaces like Create Center 2.0 deprives individuals, particularly underserved populations, of opportunities for creative expression, skill development, and community engagement.

Despite the rich cultural heritage and diverse demographics of the Coachella Valley, many aspiring artists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and educators lack access to vital equipment and workspaces necessary for their creative pursuits. Traditional barriers such as high costs of equipment, limited availability of specialized tools, and inadequate educational resources further exacerbate this challenge.

Without access to woodworking machinery, digital fabrication tools, multimedia production equipment, and other essential resources provided by Create Center 2.0, individuals are hindered in their ability to innovate, collaborate, and thrive in the arts and creative industries. This not only stifles individual potential but also diminishes the overall cultural vibrancy and economic resilience of our community.

Furthermore, the absence of such facilities perpetuates inequities and widens the gap between those who have access to resources and opportunities and those who do not. This lack of accessibility disproportionately affects marginalized communities, including low-income individuals, people of color, and youth, who are already facing systemic barriers to success and upward mobility.

Addressing this critical problem is imperative for the Coachella Valley to realize its full cultural and economic potential. By establishing Create Center 2.0 and providing a comprehensive array of tools, resources, and educational programs, we can empower individuals of all backgrounds to unleash their creativity, foster artistic excellence, and contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive community


Organizational Impact:  Create Center for the Arts is dedicated to catalyzing transformative change within the Coachella Valley community through its innovative programs and inclusive approach to arts education and engagement. By providing a unique regional resource and offering a diverse range of programs and initiatives, Create Center plays a pivotal role in fostering creativity, empowerment, and social cohesion.


Through our introductory experiences, vocational training programs, public access initiatives, targeted initiatives for disadvantaged populations, and team-building activities, Create Center actively addresses critical needs and challenges facing our community. Our programs not only provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to explore their artistic passions but also equip them with valuable skills, knowledge, and pathways to success in the arts and creative industries.


Create Center’s impact extends beyond individual participants to encompass the broader community, contributing to economic development, cultural enrichment, and social well-being. By democratizing access to professional-grade tools and equipment, we empower hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and aspiring artists to realize their full potential, fueling innovation and economic growth.


Our targeted initiatives for underserved populations, including children, youth, veterans, and seniors, demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and social justice. By providing tailored programs that meet the unique needs and interests of these groups, Create Center creates opportunities for personal growth, healing, and community connection, thereby enhancing quality of life and fostering resilience.


In essence, Create Center for the Arts serves as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals to explore their creativity, pursue their passions, and contribute to a more vibrant, equitable, and interconnected society. Through our collective efforts, we envision a future where the transformative power of the arts is accessible to all, enriching lives and strengthening communities for generations to come

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