Create Center 2.0 The Kitchen Initiative

Creating Community Enrichment Through the Arts takes on an even deeper purpose with our Create Kitchen Initiative. The Create Center aims to provide workspace, tools, equipment, guidance, and inspiration to underserved populations in the Coachella Valley. Our research indicates that a community kitchen is a much-needed creative space and a vital resource for our region. The Create Kitchen Initiative not only supports food enthusiasts as an art form and love language but also offers opportunities for vocational training and certifications, aligning with our belief in supporting small-scale entrepreneurs.

Considering that much of the American health crisis begins with diet and nutrition, a public access teaching kitchen means more than enjoyment or careers. Obesity rates in the Coachella Valley for adults and children are extremely high, with more people eating out instead of cooking at home. The Coachella Valley has disproportionately high rates of diabetes, with most cases being Type II, which can be managed with diet and exercise. Learning how to cook healthy, nutritious, diabetic-friendly meals will reduce dependence on insulin and lower the risk of negative outcomes like amputation and hospitalization. Food insecurity is also an issue for adults and children in the region, with more people relying on food pantries and emergency food sources where they don’t get to choose what they receive. Thus, knowing how to cook with these items is increasingly important given the reliance on these sources for food.

The kitchen is often the heartbeat of the home where people come together and share meals. In this way, the Create Kitchen Initiative is also the heartbeat of our community and one of the most profound ways to create enrichment for the people we serve.

The Create Kitchen is in the initial planning stage, and the Create Center is seeking team members to help make this vision a reality for the Coachella Valley. REGISTER HERE to join the Kitchen Committee and contribute to building this valuable, life-changing resource.

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