May 27th, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Instructor: Martha Lumia

You will be guided through the transformation of silk and wool into interesting and fabulous fabric. Nuno felting does not involve sewing, weaving, or knitting, but is created by the hand agitation of wool fibers into fabric, typically silk, resulting in a beautifully textured, lightweight, drapeable piece of wearable art. It’s magic!
Material fee $25.00 (Included in Workshop price)

Material Fee includes: Silk scarf blanks, Merino wool roving, a variety of wool and other types of yarn for embellishments… you are welcome to bring more from your stash.

Instructor to provide for each student: pool/spa bubble wrap, pool noodle, plastic cover, nylon/polyester curtain fabric, t-shirt strips to use as ties, soap, bowls, and sprinkler bottles.

Student to bring: 2-3 old towels, plastic grocery bag (now banned in stores!), bucket/dishpan, sponge, notebook and lunch

Skill Level: Beginner (this can be rather strenuous)

CREATE Center for the Arts is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our students. We are following the recommended CDC guidelines with improved cleaning practices and social distancing standards. Masks are required. All students must preregister for this course. Drop ins can not be accommodated at this time. 

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