A CREATE Community Project

PPE for everybody

CREATE Center of the Arts is 3D printing masks and face shields to help protect those in our community, including medical personnel, essential workers, seniors and children, most at risk to COVID-19. We believe everyone in our community deserves the ability to protect themselves and their families and we are working tirelessly to try and provide this essential protection to as many as we can, at no cost to them. This community supported project is continuing to deliver hundreds of shields each week thanks to you!

We need your help to to meet the growing needs of our community, donations are needed to order more materials and printers. Availability of materials is being impacted by high demand, equipment orders must be placed as immediately as possible. Please contribute today. Help us save lives. PPEforEverybody!

When we first began this project, we didn’t know how serious local demand was for protective gear, and as cases are increasing locally, this demand is greater than ever. Together with our community partners, we continue to 3D print PPE around the clock. Thanks to your generous support we continue to be of service to those in need at this critical time.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

— Bighorn Cares Grant

CREATE Center started 3D Printing in early 2019 thanks to a generous grant we received from Bighhorn Cares. We were able to supplement our tech lab with additional support of a Spotlight Grant from the HN Frances C Berger Foundation and KESQ. 

— Modern Woodmen

Another generous grant from Randall Miller with Modern Woodmen has allowed CREATE to purchase more materials to continue our mission to print PPE for those in need in the Coachella Valley. 

— Community Support

Annais L
Lorraine W
Julie H
Lucy T
Marc Z
Robert F
David S
Robert L M
John B
James M
Patricia C
Susan H
Eva P
Kathryn S
Katherine K
Simon T
Janet N
Kathryn D
Carol S
Collette P
Patricia G
Kimberly U
Linda S
Cher G
Rosalind M
Brad F
Marcia L
Nancy K
Ruth S
Diane M
Susan G
Steven K
Denis J
Armando E
Andres G
Mark H

How You Can Help

With the support of our community, CREATE has already delivered thousands of pieces of PPE to those in need around the Coachella Valley including Eisenhower Medical Center, Desert Regional Medical Center, Desert Aids Project and Borrego Health Clinics in Coachella and Oasis. 

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