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The studios at CREATE Center for the Arts house unique and diverse artists that create across different media. Our studio artists are an intergral part of our community and their work and passion feeds into the overall atmosphere that makes CREATE Center so special.

Interested in becoming a studio artist?

Dara Altobelli

Much of my work is inspired and learned from the artists and poets of the “New York School”. The impetus and courage of abstract expressionist painting in the 1950s changed the art world and its definition of art and, continues to do so today. As I paint and what I paint is a record of my personal transitions through life with a continual change in my own definition of art.

Debra Ann Mumm

Coachella Valley native, artist, activist, educator, curator, consultant and speaker, Debra Ann Mumm has spent her lifetime dedicated to the arts in one form or another. Debra is an award winning painter and assemblage artist who works primarily with found wood and personal artifacts to create pieces that reflect on human experience, unity and transcendence.

Debra is the founder and director of CREATE Center for the Arts, a non-profit art space in Palm Desert that is a community-based educational facility providing information, inspiration, and opportunity for artists of all ages and disciplines.

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