Susan Smith Evans
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Susan Smith Evans grew up in the Midwest and received her BFA from the University of Nebraska. After teaching English in Iran for a year and photographing Afghanistan, she returned to the United States and earned an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1988-89 she accompanied Professor Ron Evans in his one-year round-the-world sabbatical leave study of Asian Ceramics as his official photographer.
Susan believes in the power of art to change lives and to make the world a better place and taught in the Visual Arts Program at College of the Desert in Palm Desert for over 24 years.

"My artwork is based on observations of nature and our relationship to nature. My observations tell me that nature is complex and dynamic, composed of many layers. At any one time there is life and death, destruction and creation, old and new. My work deals with the forces of nature that have to do with these dynamic juxtapositions through multiple layers of meaning. My art uses botanical forms to symbolize transformation, growth, decline, permanence, and possibility. I am in awe of the magic of nature. At the same time, I am concerned with the stresses that human beings place on the natural world."

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Art is a journey. The wonderful thing is that while you are on the journey, sometimes you are unaware of where the path is leading you. It is only when you look back and you see where you’ve been that it all makes sense. Sometimes, only after looking at a group of your own art work do you discover another layer of what that the art is about. There are more discoveries to be made on the path ahead. That is what keeps us on the journey.

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